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Muslim Friendly Travel Destinations

MOTTO: “Keselesaan anda adalah Keutamaan Kami”
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About us

Azza Travel & Tours Pte Ltd was established since 1992 where we provide
travel arrangement for our Singaporean clients mainly to Asia, Middle
East and Europe. Our Haj and Umrah department was formed in March
2000 where today, it remains a big market opportunity for us.


Join our fixed group tours lead by our team of experienced tour leaders to various exotic and Instagrammable destinations.


Join our Umrah Supersaver packages at an affordable price.
MMD umrah packages simply means ‘Masuk Makkah Dulu OR Enter Makkah First’ which allows you to perform your Umrah first.
We offer luxury stay at 5* hotels for those who wants to travel in comfort.
Our Umrah Beyond packages includes exotic destinations beyond Jeddah, Madinah & Makkah.


Get the best deal on our daily tour packages for a minimum group of 2 adults only.


All of the pegawais had done an outstanding job, always putting our needs as their first priority. There were plenty of us who needed extra assistance as we had infants, small children, elderly parents with wheelchair and I honestly thought it would be very chaotic. However, everything went well and I had the best positive experience with Azza. The pegawais were all runnning around sending us to the clinic, helping us whenever we sought for help but they always had a smile on their face even though I know it is never an easy job. We can tell how sincere they were and we are so happy that we traveled with you on our first umrah trip.(for my husband and I)

And also, the Mutawif, Ustaz Sofyan, is a very knowledgable and humble man. He shared so many things with us, allowing us to experience the beauty of Madinah and Makkah as much as possible.

Thank you so much Azza Travel. I am very pleased and I hope I get to travel with you again. Or If I ever have the chance to work for you, I would be more than happy and willing to be a part of this company.

Thank you once again. Godbless and Godspeed.


Nur Amira Mohamad Shah

Pengajaran yg amat berharga buat Kami skluarga tentang sejarah Dan kebudayaan org2 turkey d Zaman ottoman n Byzantine.Trima kasih buat Shafiq ,’Ozzi’ n juga pemandunya cik Rejab yg melayani kerenah Dan menjaga keselamatan, keperluan kami selama 10 hari.Kami juga berpeluang solat jumaat d sebuah masjid d sana bersama penduduk2 sebuah pekan.pengalaman yg sangat berharga .Kudos Azza Travel.Ada rezki ,panjang umur Kita jumpa lagi.Thanks so much buat Shafiq yg mengaturkan program yg sangat lancar.


Azza Travel is the best… layanan yg memuaskan!

Halima Ramli

One of the best group trip I’ve ever experience! Thank you Shafiq for a job well done! Will definitely travel with Azza travel again :):)

Nazziha M Ariffin


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