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I would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their support
and sharing their wonderful travel experiences with Azza Travel. My
continuous appreciation to all who have been constantly praying for the
success of our company and not forgetting great support from our
various travel trade partners. We will not be as successful as we are
today without good words from consumers at large about our service.
The company entered our Silver Jubilee year with 25 years in the
industry and we look forward to serving you in near future.


Azza Travel & Tours Pte Ltd was established since 1992 where we provide travel arrangement for our Singaporean clients mainly to Asia, Middle East and Europe. Our Haj and Umrah department was formed in March 2000 where today, it remains a big market opportunity for us.

To our new and potential clients, I hope that you will give us the opportunity to assist with your holiday arrangements. To our future partners, I hope we can work together to create more tours in this competitive yet satisfying market.

MOTTO: “Keselesaan anda adalah Keutamaan Kami”

“Your Comfort Is Our Priority”



Siti Aishah Said

Travel Manager

Nursyazwana Anwar

Director/Travel Planner

Faatin Abdul Rashid

Tour Consultant


Nurul Md Samsol Zaman

Umrah Consultant

Yana Yahya

Senior Umrah Consultant


Ustazah Asiah Syed Ismail

Graduated in Islamic Religious Study from Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah, Singapore. She has been with Azza Travel since 2000.

Ustaz Haron Hassan Akhtar

Graduated in Business Administration from National University of Singapore and Religious Knowledge study with Shaikh Umar Abdullah Alkhatib. Very well versed in Malay and English religious lectures and sermons at various mosques in Singapore. He has been with Azza Travel since 2005.

Ustaz Firdaus Azhari

Graduated in Bachelor's Degree in Islamic Theology (Creed and Philosophies) and currently serve as Mosque Religious Officer at An-Naeem Mosque.

Ustaz Mohammad Khairi Nazron

Graduated in Bachelor's Degree in Islamic Jurisprudence. Founder of Sofee Initaitve LLP. Currently a Locum Ustaz at PPIS and APKIM Resources, also a Freelance Lecturer with various organization mianly PERGAS. He has been with Azza Travel since 2017.

Ustaz Mohamad Farhan Nordin

Graduated in Bachelor's Degree in Islamic Jurisprudence (Syariah Islamiah) and currently serve as Mosque Religious Officer at Al-Istiqamah Mosque.


Ustaz Sofyan Muslim

Ustaz Ahmad Basyid

Ustaz Saiful Suriyadi

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